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BHARATH ENGINEERING COMPANY- PIONEERS IN HYDROBLASTING TECHNOLOGY- (High Pressure Water Jet cleaning 10,000- 20,000 psi) has got a history of achievements more than 2 ½ decades.

Starting with the state of Kerala, BEC introduced hydro jet descaling technique in the major industrial units in Kerala, such as BPCL-KRL, FACT, HOC HNL etc.etc. The managements welcomed this technology against the conventional method of descaling by manual rodding, which used to take much time and also considerably damaged the parent material. After descaling by hydro blasting technology the efficiency of the equipment has gone upto 100%. Industrial unit like Refineries welcomed this technology with a loud applaud.

Industries nationwide rely on effective cleaning and inspection services for hazardous and non-harzardous jobs, which is our specialization.

Ms/. Bharat Engineering Company was established in November 1991. The unit offers State of the art of Hydraulic Technology for a range of varied and critical application in Heavy Engineering, Agriculture, Construction, Irrigation, Transportation, Defence, Aviation, Power Stations and Space Industries. The company has over the years acquired unique expertise in hydro blasting technology and enjoys monopoly in South India in this field.

Hydro Blasting Technology involves descaling of Heat Exchangers, Turbine Blades, Evaporators, Condensers, Tube Bundles, Pipe Lines, Air Filters, Reactors, Pressure Vessels, Tanks, Boilers, Machine Parts, Sewage Pipes etc., by using high pressure water jetting pumps. Water Jet cleaning systems are used by almost all large scale Industrial units like, Chemicals and Fertilizers, Oil Refineries, Aluminium, Paper and Pulp, Cement, Sugar, Milk and Food Processing Industries, Thermal Power Plants, Municipalities, Steel and Metallurgical plants.



Jaya.R.Palakunnel, the founder of Bharath Engineering Company. Climbed up her ladder of success all alone. It was at Nutech Hydroblasters (P) Ltd. as Branch Manager, that she got trained on the technique of hydroblasting. Her experience in Usha Telehoist Ltd., manufactures of high pressure water jetting pumps as their Zonal Manager in Southern Zone operations made it all the more easier for her.

She has done her Post Graduation in Economics from Maharaja’s College, Ernakulam and Post Graduation in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations from Patiala and Diploma in Transactional Analysis (Psychology).

Various jobs such as:

(1) Commercial cum Administrative Officer in ‘FEVICOL’ Group of Companies

(2) Chief Executive of ‘DALMIA’ Biscuits Ltd. New Delhi.

(3) Executive Director of ‘GOODMANS RURAL WATER SYSTEM LTD’.,New Delhi etc. are few highlights in her career decorum.

November 1991 saw the birth of Bharath Engineering Company under the leadership of Smt. Jaya Palakunnel.


Major Advantages

Capacity to clean many times faster (descaling) which retains 100% original efficiency and achieves full capacity utilization unlike conventional manual cleaning (Rodding).

In most of the cases, it is possible to clean the equipment without disassembling and dismantling thus avoiding shut downs, loss of man days and saving costs.

No detergents or chemicals are used in the cleaning process.

In all areas of chemical engineering, the amount of maintenance required is comparatively high. This particularly affects equipment for the conversion treatment transportation or storage of media such as autoclaves, filters, vessels, tanks, sieves, heat exchangers, and pipeline. In addition, buildings need to be maintained. To solve these often very complex problems, HIGH PRESSURE WATER JETS are used more and more.

High pressure water jetting is a technique for a large variety of applications.

Bharath Engineering High Pressure water jet systems are suitable for the following tasks:


Water as a tool for a clean environment

Typical applications:

  1. Internal and External cleaning of Heat Exchangers/Condensers/ Boiler Tubes.
  2. Removal of marine growth from ships and offshore structures.
    • Removal of chlorinated rubber
    • Cleaning of vehicles
    • Removal of soot in fire sanitation
    • Sewage pipe cleaning
  3. Removal of grease, oil and rust from weld seams.
  4. Cleaning of containers containing paint, glue and resin
    • Cleaning of sieves and rollers
    • Cleaning of standard containers, such as IBC’s
    • Cleaning and decontamination of bogies
    • Cleaning of formwork shells
    • Surface cleaning
    • Removal of coatings and paint from buildings, structures and technical equipment/ Derusting of steel surfaces
    • Cutting and separating of materials and composites.
    • Removal of tenacious residues and incrustations from autoclaves, vessels, heat exchangers, pipelines etc.
    • Rubber removal from pipelines and vessels.
    • Partial demolition of buildings and equipment.

  • High pressure guns for operating pressures up to 800 bar (11,600 psi)
  • Eccentrically rotating single nozzles
  • Self-propelling, magnetically braked nozzle carrier heads.
  • Tank and container cleaning tools
  • Whirl jet nozzles with radial and front water jets
  • High-pressure hoses
  • High-pressure nozzles
  • High Pressure Flexible lance- ID4MM, 5MM, 6MM etc..

BEC has got a dedicated team of workers, for round-the-clock services of emergency jobs at various units and all our clients are satisfied with our team mainly for their dedication, discipline, time schedule, skill etc.

Major Clients

BPCL Kochi Refineries Ltd. (KRL) Ambalamughal- Kerala- India.

Binani Zinc Ltd., Binanipuram- Alwaye- Kerala- India

FACT, Kochi Division- Ambalamedu Kerala – India.

FACT, Caprolactum (Petro-Chemical Division)- Udyogamandal- Kerala- India.

FACT – Ammonia Complex Udyogamandal Kerala – India

Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd.(HOCL)–Ambalamughal-Kerala-India

Hindustan Newsprint Ltd, Kottayam- Velloor- Kerala – India

Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Ltd.- Mangalore- Karnataka- India.

Madras Aluminium Company Ltd. Salem- Tamilnadu- India

National Thermal Power Corporation- Kayamkulam- Kerala- India

The Travancore Titanium Products Ltd. Trivandrum-Kerala India

MRF Kottayam, Kerala


Bharath Engineering Company



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